The Law Offices of Susan L. Burke (Burke PLLC), a litigation boutique, assists individuals and companies seeking justice in the court system.

In 2002, Susan L. Burke founded the law firm now known as the Law Offices of Susan L. Burke (Burke PLLC).  The firm specializes in (1) whistleblower claims arising from fraud, including claims brought under the False Claims Act’s qui tam provisions, (2) claims arising from rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment, (3) claims arising in Iraq and Afghanistan as a result of defense contractors’ negligence or intentional misconduct, and (4) environmental claims, including those arising in foreign nations.

Fraud Claims:  Ms. Burke represents individuals with knowledge of fraud (known as “qui tam” relators).  As set forth in more detail in Ms. Burke’s biography, Ms. Burke previously worked in the Department of Justice Civil Frauds division, and thereafter defended pharmaceutical and other health care companies against False Claims Act qui tam lawsuits.   This DOJ and defense background gives Burke PLLC a unique advantage in representing whistleblowers.

The firm represents individual whistleblowers working in the pharmaceutical, health care, and defense contracting industries.  Ms. Burke has a history of bringing False Claims Act cases to trial.  Ms. Burke first-chaired and prevailed in a major False Claims Act trial involving Medicare claims held in Fort Worth, Texas.

Ms. Burke was named by Washingtonian magazine as one of the top lawyers handling qui tam claims.

Claims Arising in Iraq and Afghanistan:  Ms. Burke represents individuals who have suffered at the hands of defense countractors.  Ms. Burke and her firm currently serve as lead counsel in several major lawsuits against defense contractors, including KBR, Halliburton, Blackwater (also known variously as Xe, USTC, and Academi), CACI and L-3.

Ms. Burke and her firm serve as lead counsel in the KBR Burn Pit MDL.  There, the firm represents soliders and contractors whose health has been harmed by KBR’s negligent operation of burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ms. Burke and her firm served as lead counsel in lawsuits against L-3, which were involved in torturing detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.  The victims were featured in a documentary by Rory Kennedy called “The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib.”  Ms. Burke also worked with artist Daniel Heyman, photographer Chris Bartlett, and author Nick Flynn, all of whom have shed light on the Abu Ghraib torture and abuse through their creative endeavors.  Ms. Burke and her co-counsel resolved the torture lawsuits with a settlement for $5.25 million.

Ms. Burke and her firm successfully represented 68 Iraqis who were killed or injured by Blackwater mercenaries in Nissor Square.  (The seven lawsuits filed against Blackwater were settled on confidential terms.)

Ms. Burke and her firm successfully represented the family of a woman killed by an Australian defense contractor company called Unity.  (The lawsuit was settled on confidential terms.)

Environmental Claims:  Ms. Burke is willing to pursue complex environmental claims, including those arising abroad as a result of conduct by American corporations.   As noted above, Susan L. Burke serves as lead and liason counsel on the KBR Burn Pit MDL, which involves claims arising from KBR’s use of surface burning to dispose of tons of waste.

Ms. Burke and her firm successfully represented the government of the Dominican Republic in a lawsuit against AES arising from the dumping of coal ash on Dominican beaches.  Ms. Burke and her colleagues settled the environmental lawsuit for $6 million dollars, which was used to remediate the environmental harms to the beaches.