Our law firm specializes in tough cases, including those that require novel and creative lawyering to achieve justice.  We are committed to accountability for all entities — including corporations and government entities.  We believe that litigation is important to ensure the proper functioning of the United States democracy, and we are committed to doing our part to bring about a more just and equitable society.

Our current focus is on four areas:

(1) whistleblower claims arising from fraud, including claims brought under the False Claims Act’s qui tam provisions,

(2) claims arising from rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment,

(3) claims arising in Iraq and Afghanistan as a result of defense contractors’ negligence or intentional misconduct, and

(4) environmental claims, including those arising in foreign nations.

Whistleblower Claims:  Burke PLLC represents whistleblowers (known as “qui tam relators”) in False Claims Act cases brought against those who defraud the United States.

Burke PLLC represents individual whistleblowers working in the pharmaceutical, health care, and defense contracting industries.  For more on Burke PLLC’s unique qualifications in this area, please see Ms. Burke’s biography.  Among other things, Burke PLLC has a history of bringing False Claims Act cases to trial.   Shortly after its formation, Ms. Burke and Burke PLLC prevailed in a major False Claims Act trial held in Fort Worth, Texas.

Claims Arising from Rape and Sexual Assault:  Burke PLLC represents individuals and family members who have suffered as a result of rape and sexual assault.  Burke PLLC is spearheading a legal campaign to seek justice for those servicemembers who were raped or sexually assaulted while defending our nation.  Burke PLLC filed the Cioca et al. v. Rumsfeld et al. lawsuit, which is the subject of a documentary called “The Invisible War.”

Claims Arising in Iraq and Afghanistan:  Burke PLLC represents individuals who have suffered at the hands of defense countractors.  Ms. Burke served as lead counsel in several major lawsuits against defense contractors Blackwater (also known variously as Xe, USTC, and Academi), CACI and L-3. The firm obtained compensation for victims via settlements with Blackwater and L-3.

Ms. Burke and her firm serve as lead counsel in the KBR Burn Pit MDL.  There, Burke PLLC represents soliders and contrators whose health has been harmed by KBR’s negligent operation of burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ms. Burke and her firm served as lead counsel arising from the torture of detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.  Burke PLLC’s clients were featured in a documentary by Rory Kennedy called “The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib.”  Burke PLLC also works with artist Daniel Heyman, photographer Chris Bartlett, and author Nick Flynn, all of whom have shed light on the Abu Ghraib torture and abuse through their creative endeavors.

Ms. Burke and her firm successfully represented 68 Iraqis who were killed or injured by Blackwater mercenaries in Nissor Square.  (The seven lawsuits filed against Blackwater were settled on confidential terms.)

Ms. Burke and her firm also successfully represented the family of a woman killed by an Austrailian defense contractor company called Unity.  (The lawsuit was settled on confidential terms.)

Environmental Claims:  Burke PLLC is willing to pursue complex environmental claims, including those arising abroad as a result of conduct by American corporations.   As noted above, Burke PLLC serves as lead and liason counsel on the KBR Burn Pit MDL, which involves claims arising from KBR’s use of surface burning to dispose of tons of waste.

Ms. Burke and her firm represented the government of the Dominican Republic in a lawsuit arising from the dumping of coal ash on Dominican beaches.  The firm obtained for its client a six million dollar settlement from AES, an American corporation.


For further information, please contact Susan L. Burke at 410.733.5444.