Defense Contractor Fraud

The United States has spent billions of dollars on contracts for services needed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, according to the Inspector General, defense contractors engaged in extensive fraud on the United States, which of course defrauds all taxpayers.  This fraud takes many forms, such as doublebilling, overbilling, billing for services not provided, billing for related parties, and upcoding.  If you work or worked for a defense contractor, and have first-hand knowledge of wrongdoing, you may be able to recover funds for the United States by filing a qui tam False Claims Act lawsuit.  If your lawsuit recovers funds for the United States, you, the whistleblower, receive a percentage of the recovery.    The False Claims Act is one of the most effective tools in the United States’ arsenal against fraud, and permits individual citizens to assist in a meaningful way.  You are not powerless to stop wrongdoing — you are able to play a critical and patriotic role.