Defense Contractor Fraud

Burke PLLC has filed a series of civil actions against defense contractors in an effort to hold those parties accountable for corporate wrongdoing.

The United States has spent billions of dollars on contracts for services needed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, according to the Inspector General, defense contractors engaged in extensive fraud on the United States, which of course defrauds all taxpayers.  This fraud takes many forms, such as doublebilling, overbilling, billing for services not provided, billing for related parties, and upcoding.  If you work or worked for a defense contractor, and have first-hand knowledge of wrongdoing, you may be able to recover funds for the United States by filing a qui tam False Claims Act lawsuit.  If your lawsuit recovers funds for the United States, you, the whistleblower, receive a percentage of the recovery.    The False Claims Act is one of the most effective tools in the United States’ arsenal against fraud, and permits individual citizens to assist in a meaningful way.  You are not powerless to stop wrongdoing — you are able to play a critical and patriotic role. 

Blackwater (known as Xe, United States Training Center, and Academi)

Burke PLLC has two pending lawsuits alleging Blackwater defrauded the United States.  Among other allegations, one of the lawsuits alleges that former Chief Operating Officer Danielle Esposito committed perjury during a federal trial.  For more information on the evidence regarding the alleged perjury, see Court Documents.

Burke PLLC filed seven wrongful death lawsuits against the company formerly known as Blackwater on behalf of those injured or killed by Blackwater at Nissor Square and other locations in Iraq.  The Department of Justice has brought criminal charges against the Blackwater men involved in the Nissor Square shooting.  One shooter has plead guilty; the remaining defendants will be tried in federal district court in Washington D.C.  For more information on these proceedings, see Court Documents under the heading Blackwater.  In 2010, Burke PLLC obtained a substantial settlement for the  injured and the families of the deceased.  (The terms of the settlement are confidential.)

If you are contemplating a claim against the company formerly known as Blackwater, or if you have information about the company that you would like to share, please contact Susan L. Burke at 202.386.9622 or


CACI and L-3

Along with co-counsel Center for Constitutional Rights and Shereef Akeel, Burke PLLC has been seeking accountability from the two publicly-traded corporations whose employees participated in torturing prisoners at Abu Ghraib and other prisons in Iraq.  The law firm filed its first lawsuit in June 2004, a few months after the Abu Ghraib torture scandal came to light.

At present, two Abu Ghraib torture cases remain pending.  The torture victims filed in the Eastern District of Virginia (J. Lee) and in the District of Maryland (J. Missette).  When CACI and L-3 appealed the District Courts’ denials of their motions to dismiss, the Fourth Circuit granted en banc review and heard oral argument on January 27, 2012.

Burke PLLC has been privileged to work with artists and authors inspired to speak out against torture in Abu Ghraib.   Artist Daniel Heyman, photographer Chris Bartlett, playwrights Kathleen Tolan and Jennifer Schelter, and author Nick Flynn all traveled to the mideast with Burke PLLC lawyers to meet former detainees from Abu Ghraib.  For  more information and links to the outpouring of talent, go to Torture and Other Human Rights Abuses.

KBR and Halliburton

Burke PLLC represents persons harmed by toxic emissions from burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan.  For more information on this topic, go to KBR Burn Pit MDL.